Swans smash both Roos teams

Swans smash both Roos teams

For the first time in club history, the men and women locked down a pair of wins.

On July 27, both men and women defeated the Etobicoke Roos at home at the Rideau Carleton Raceway. 

The men’s team fought hard all day to pull out a home side win with a large number of spectators at the RCR. 

Coach Rod Frank said he was impressed with the polish of the team’s game, and improved numbers around the ball and contests. 

“It really is starting to come together,” Frank said. “It can only keep getting better.”

The team excelled at pushing the ball into the hot spot near the opposing goal, and converted those opportunities into points. 

“BJ in particular had a great game, as did Rabbi, Toby and Tyler,” Frank said, happy with his back line players. He was happy to see Jako, Bogdan and Ronan with lots of possessions and disposals in a strong centre. 

The team benefitted from Hoges’ return to centre half forward, and played well with Drew and Smitty on either side. 

In the front, he said he was happy to see Roffey and Powelly working well together, and Simmo “on fire” before leaving the game with an injury. 


Goal Kickers: M. Kozlowski 4, B. Woods 2, M. St Germain , D. Roffey , M. Powell 

Best Players: M. Powell, M. Kozlowski, N. Desson, B. Jakobik, J. Plunkett-Latimer


Goals were scored by: Mike Kozlowski (4) Brendan Woods (2), Marc St Germain, Darren Roffey, Matthew Powell


Best on ground: Matthew Powell, Mike Kozlowski, Nic Desson, Bartek Jakobik, Jacoc Plunkett-Latimer


Swans (9.14 – 68) defeated Roos (7.13 – 55). 


The men’s team is one game behind, as the match against the Eagles is being rescheduled. 


The women were the dominant team on the field all day, breaking into the Roos inside 50 over 10 times in the first quarter, and getting high on the scoreboard early in the match.

Coach Chris Lockhart was not impressed that the ladies had fallen earlier in the season to the Roos, and stressed it was a must-win ahead of time.

They answered the challenge. 

Amanda Paradis kicked a first quarter hat trick to launch the team comfortably into a lead, and they continued the strong game all day, successfully matching against strong Roos players. The overall level of football has greatly improved for the girls, and they look more and more like the team that went into finals last year. 


Goal Kickers: A. Paradis 4, M. Haycock 3, E. Dickinson 

Best Players: H. Costanza, M. Haycock, A. Paradis, E. Dickinson, K. Bodashefsky


Swans (8.5 – 53) defeated Roos (3.7 – 25). 


Goals were scored by: Amanda Paradis (4), Megan Haycock (3) and Emma Dickinson


Best on ground: Holly Costanza, Megan Haycock, Amanda Paradis, Emma Dickinson, Kirsten Bodashefsky


The men and women both play on Saturday, Aug. 11 at home against the High Park Demons. Men’s kick off is scheduled for 2 p.m. with women’s at 4 p.m. 



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