Swans Recognized at the AFL Ontario Awards

Swans Recognized at the AFL Ontario Awards

On September 6th, AFL Ontario handed out awards at the yearly banquet in Toronto.  This event recognized the stand-out performances from the 2014 regular season.

It was a record year for the Swans.  Not only did the Club lead teams with the most people named to the Ontario All-Star teams (12), but it was Swannie, Tom Stafford who took home the top award in the league.

As the All-Star Teams were announced it was clear that the Swans had made an impact in 2014.

Swans named to AFL Ontario 2014 Women’s All-Star Team

Margo Legault – Centre Half Back

Emma Dickinson – Centre

Holly Costanza – Half Forward Flank

Amiee Legault – Centre Half Forward

Vivian Nguyen – Interchange

Chris Lockhart – Head Coach

Swans named to AFL Ontario 2014 Men’s All-Star Team

Joel Crimmins – Full Back

Ronan Shaughnessy – Half Back Flank

Mike Kozlowski – Center Half Forward

Nathan Strom – Half Forward Flank

Tom Stafford – Rover

Rodney Frank – Assistant Coach)

Swans Recognized at the AFL Ontario Awards
Swans Recognized at the AFL Ontario Awards

The Best and Fairest Award is presented to a player that is judged to have had the best performance over the season.  After each game the umps award points to the players they deem to have made the most positive impact that game. The male and female player who received the most points overall are awarded with the AFL Ontraio’s highest honour, the Best and Fairest Award.

As the night went on the strength of the Ottawa Swans Club was noticed as the Best and Fairest points were revealed. Swans players were at the top of leaderboard as each round was summarized for all in attendance.  The award for the Best and Fairest woman was awarded to a player from the Hamilton Wildcats, however coming in a close second was Lady Swan, Aimee Legault.  The Swans table erupted when it was clear that Ottawa’s Tom Stafford was the AFL Ontario 2014 Best and Fairest.  When accepting his award, he thanked the league but also made special mention about the great-run Swans Club, “This is a team award”. 

Congratulations to all the winners.  Let’s hope there are more trophies from the league this year! 

The quest for the 2014 Grand Final Cup continues for both teams this Saturday.  The semi-final game times have yet to be determined, however they will be played here in Ottawa at the RCR. 

Cheer, cheer the red and the white.



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