Member Protection Policy

Member Protection Policy

The Ottawa Swans Australian Football Club (“Ottawa Swans”) is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and respectful environment for all of its members. For this reason, a MEMBER PROTECTION POLICY has been created and enacted.  The policy aims to promote ethical and informed decision making and responsible behaviour for members involved with Australian Rules Football in Canada, and to create a climate of understanding and mutual respect where each member feels a part of the Ottawa Swans community. This policy also serves to formally record the Ottawa Swans’ commitment to uphold the rights of its members to be treated with respect and dignity and to be protected from any form of discrimination, harassment, abuse and assault. 

This policy sets a standard of behaviour for all individuals associated with the Ottawa at the national, provincial and club levels.  Please make yourself aware of this policy, as it applies to of all members of the Club, including:

–          Players

–          Coaches and assistant coaches;

–          Umpires and officials;

–          Support personnel

–          Volunteers

–          Paid members;

–          Life members;

–          Individuals sitting on executive committees and sub-committees; and,

–          Spectators and sponsors


A copy of this policy is available online. This policy is to be followed as written, effective immediately


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