2 wins and 1 milestone

2 wins and 1 milestone

2 wins and 1 milestone

On July 11th, both Swans teams had home games in Ottawa under hot, humid and sunny conditions at Strandherd Park.  According to game day previews, neither team was supposed to win.  They were to be close games, however the powers that predict had the Swans falling to their opponents.  Nothing like a little “We’ll show you” attitude, to motivate the red and white. 

First up were the ladies, who once again played the Montreal Angels.  This was the second of two clashes in the 2015 calendar.   The Lady Swans were going to have to push, as the sun was at its hottest (ball-up at noon) and they had no interchange.  A few ladies are recovering from injuries sustained at the Team Canada Eastern try-out game and one player (Lisa Dalla Rosa) is out for the season after playing for Edmonton in Calgary at Stampede Cup.  Despite the odds being against them the ladies who did don the Swans jumpers, played a solid game.  It was close up until the 4th quarter and could have gone either way.  In the end, the home team won with a final score of Swans 7.5.47 to Angels 4.9.33. 

When a game is so evenly matched the deference becomes just as important as the forwards.  Swans fullback Cat Geci, deserved and received recognition for her game on Saturday.  She was the “Heart not Hype” 2XU player of the round as she not only played well but instilled confidence an encouraged her backline teammates who found themselves in unfamiliar positions because of the short bench.  Rookie, Margaret Werniuk had a great game in ruck which freed up Holly Costanza to once again be named “Ta-Pies Player of the Round”.  Coach Rookie was very impressed with the effort of his team in the last quarter and is excited for that momentum to continue thought-out the remainder of the season.

Next up, the men took on the Toronto Dingos in Round 7 of the 2015 AFL Ontario season.  The Swans delivered both physically and mentally to out play and out think the Dingos.  When the pressure, came it was handled with the style and control.  Like the previous game, to the credit of every player, a totally dominant fourth term saw the Swans run away with the game.  Swans 10.11.71 to Dingos 7.3.45. 

Sensational ruck work from Jordan Hardcombe set the standard from the first hit out, and he never looked back all day.  Round 7 saw rookie Ian Baldwin, slot his first goals for the Swans, one in the first quarter and one in the forth.  Speaking of goals number 44, Michael Kozlowski, was back in the red and white.  Not only did he add 4 to his career gold total, he also hit another milestone.  Mr. Kozlowski is the 8th Swan to reach 50 games.  What do you say Whale, got 50 more in ya?  

On such a hot day the boys in the middle deserve a shout-out, without their tireless running, top-notch work ethic and class it would have been a different result.  Kudos, Nathan StromDaniel RobinsonMatthew Powelly and Drew Wilson.  Bet the beer tasted good?

Special mention to the Swans interchange players who can and do wait patiently for their turn – whether it be for 5 minutes or 80 minutes they never let the Swans down. A clear example was Charles Bernard‘s wonderful touch in the final term to help set up a crucial goal. Suffice to say, the Swans could not function successfully as a team without our interchange!  (The Lady Swans were jealous)

Composure, communication and control, and above all of that, hard work, got the Swans the 4 points they deserved.

Next up –

Round 8 tomorrow sees the Swans back on the road to take on PanAm games traffic and the Toronto Eagles.  Swan history will be made as Jacob Plunkett-Latimer becomes the first Ottawa player to play in 100 games.  Way to go Jako.



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