Pony Platter 2024 Teams

2024 Pony Platter

The 2024 Annual Pony Platter is the biggest edition yet!


Teams from AFL Quebec, AFL Atlantic, Edmonton, Boston, Toronto and New York.


Below are the schedules for the Women and Men.

9:00-9:35 Ottawa (M) vs Edmonton

9:45-10:20 Quebec Saints vs Nova Scotia

10:30-11:05 High Park Demons vs Boston (Field A)

10:30-11:05 Ottawa (W) vs Montreal Angels (Field B)

11:20-11:55 Ottawa (M) vs Quebec Saints

12:05-12:40 Nova Scotia vs Boston (Field A)

12:05-12:40 Montreal Angels vs New York Magpies (Field B)

12:50-13:25 Edmonton vs High Park Demons

13:35-14:10 Boston vs Ottawa

14:20-14:55 Quebec Saints vs Edmonton (Field A)

14:20-14:55 New York Magpies vs Ottawa (W) (Field B)

15:05-15:40 High Park Demons vs Nova Scotia

15:50-16:25 Women’s 18  a side game

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