Men - Round 1 Recap

Men – Round 1 Recap

A solid start to the 2015 season.  The boys travelled to Toronto and beat the Rebels in Round 1.

Swans 12.11.83

Rebels 5.6.36

The contest started with a pair of goals by the Swans within the first two minutes of play.  This sent a strong message to the Rebels, that the Swans were ready for the 2015 season. 

Throughout the game, players worked together to move the ball out of danger and send it forward.  It appears that the Swans have worked on not over using the ball and forcing unnecessary turnovers.  Running with the ball and handballs were done effectively at the right times.  Working the ball forward to Fabio “Big Fabulous” Petosa, proved pivotal as he was a stand-out forward target.  If he wasn’t marking or scoring himself, he created opportunities for the other forwards around him. The Swans defense were tight and kept the Rebels goalless for the first half.  

The third quarter saw a stacked forward line which translated to points on the socreboard.  Of note

          Dan “Robbo” Robinson netting 3 goals for this quarter. 

          Todd “Frothy” Rogers  1 goal after being moved to half forward

          Continuing to present himself all game finally paid off for Kyle who score a beautiful goal

          The improved kick of Jordan “Le Bron” Harcombe added 6 points

As the game neared the end, the Swans seemed to lose some intensity.  They allowed the Rebels to get 3 of their 5 goals in the fourth quarter.  No doubt the coaching staff want to make sure the Swans play the full 80 minutes, regardless of the score.  They may also want to improve upon capitalizing on goal opportunities (11 behinds).  All this being said, the Swans start #flocking2015 with 4 points on the leader board with a soild effort on the road.

Next up are the reigning premiers. 

The Broadview Hawks will be in Ottawa this Saturday (May 30th) to play the first 2015 game at the Rideau Carleton Raceway.  Ball up at 2:00 pm.  


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