Footy's Back: 2012 Bushtukah Metro League

Footy’s Back: 2012 Bushtukah Metro League

The 8 round competition, in it’s second year, is expanding on the success of 2011.  The Ottawa Swans should soon start to reap the rewards of committing to superb training facilities and opportunities for local athletes to develop as footy players.  

Benjamin Birt, Coordinator of the league, explained the rationale behind it.

“The Metro League was organised as a fun introduction to the sport. With reduced contact it will allow players to be introduced in a friendly environment, allowing them to learn the basics and get game experience.  Experienced players will also be able to practice their skills under game pressure. The comp doubles as pre-season training for those planning to play for the Swans in 2012, as well as a recruiting method for those wanting to try it out.”

Head Coach, Chris MacLean, hopes the quick and high scoring indoor games translate to increasing the score line for the Swans in 2012.  “You can’t win if you don’t score and that’s something we struggled with last season.  This competition, coupled with additional skill and fitness sessions, let’s the guys get plenty of hands on footy prior to the kick off of the 2012 OAFL home and away season.” 

Each of the teams has been put together by a captain with a view to having an even spread of experience and enthusiasm while being competitive. The captains all had strong words of encouragement in the lead-up to the season.

Smitty Magierowicz: Bloods

The Bloods serve as the only returning club from the inaugural 2011 season and are thus clear favourites to take home the Birty Cup this year. Led by the team captain, a strong core of veterans have been working tirelessly in the off-season and will be set to take the field at full speed in the opening round. Not to be outdone, the up-and-coming Blood rookies will surely not disappoint and live up to the high expectations. In carrying out their storied history, the Bloods will rein supreme in this year’s Grand Final.

Charles Bernard: Black Sheep

After a long off-season, the Black Sheep are ready to take to the field for the second iteration of the Ottawa Swans Metro League. At the team’s core is a group of returning players from last year’s Metro League premiers, including Swans vice-captain Jay Goldhawk and the ever-speedy Dave “Wheels” Martin. The side is augmented by some of the Swans’ most notorious players, in Chris Bellman, Nic “Noodles” Ladouceur, Derek Fildebrandt, Swans ironman Jake Plunkett-Latimer and the storied return of Alex Anglin. This veteran group will provide excellent leadership for our new talent, Australian Thomas Fuller and rugby convert Kyle Allen. The Black Sheep’s aim will be to play the same relentless, up-tempo game Team Green was known for. But since the Metro League is a friendly competition, it’s about more than winning the Birty Cup – it’s about winning bragging rights over Smitty.

Michael Kozlowski: The Sauce

The Sauce are starting off the 2012 Metro league with a great group of returning players ready to get back into footy action. After a strong finish last year with the Ottawa Swans, the boys have been buzzing to get back on the field. Mixed in with these pumped up vets we have a few rookies eager to pick up the game and bring the Sauce to the top of the ranks. The Metro League is a great way to introduce new players into the game and teach the basics skills needed to continue on to play for the Swans. Watch for the Sauce to make a big impression in this year’s Metro league. 

Darren Roffey: Unknowns

The Unknowns are hoping to fly in under the competition’s radar this season, but the secret will be out from the opening bounce. With wiley veterans, (some thought almost too old to return to footy), serving as the base for the team, the Unknowns are well positioned to put points on the board early and often. With several rookies eager to hit the track, they will serve as a nice compliment and will no doubt be ready to match the competition head-on. Our side will be looking to add “The Unknowns” to the Birty Cup at the final horn of the season.

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