Resources and Policies

Click below for links to AFL Canada resources, including governance documents, policies, registration forms, and other key information. 

For any resources not included below, please contact AFL Canada

Governance Documentation

Insurance Coverage

AFL Canada By Laws

Policies & Guidelines

AFL Canada Appeals Policy

AFL Canada Conflict of Interest Policy

AFL Canada Member Protection and Respect (National Policy)

AFLC National Team Selection Policy

AFLC Privacy Policy

Financial Policy

Gender Diversity Policy

Gender Equity Policy

Languages Policy

Concussion Management

Active and Safe LTAD Matrix

AFL Postion on Helmets  – Mouthguards

Concussion 101

Concussion Guide for Athletes

Concussion Guide for Coaches

Concussion Guide for Parents

Concussion Management – AFL

Concussion Management in Australian Football

Concussion Recognition Tool

Head Injury Assessment  – Community 2016

Pre Season Concussion Education – Parachute Series

Return to Sport Strategy (Parachute COncussion Series)

SCAT 5 Concussion Evaluation Tool

Long-term Athlete Development

Long Term Athlete Development Pathway