Round 3 Preview

Round 3 Preview The Swans face off against the Toronto Dingos and Etobicoke Kangaroos

The Swans are gearing up for an exciting showdown as they prepare to host the Toronto Dingos and Etobicoke Kangaroos on June 10th

The Ottawa Swans men’s team will be hosting the Toronto Dingos. Both teams are currently tied on points, each with one win and one loss. Their upcoming clash on June 10th will be a crucial opportunity for them to maintain their momentum. The Dingos suffered a defeat in their first round match against the Grand River Gargoyles, with a score of 10.5 (65) to 5.9 (39). However, they bounced back in round two, securing a victory over the High Park Demons with a score of 10.7 (67) to 2.3 (15).


Building upon their performance against the Blues last week, the men’s Swans team aims to continue their impressive run of form on Saturday. Coaches Jordan Harcombe and Joshua La Porta will stick to their simplistic approach and rely on the experience of key players like Geoff Coventry, James Clock, and Riley Turpin to deliver game-winning moments. Unfortunately, Corey Herrington remains unavailable due to an injury sustained in the first game of the season.


On the other hand, the women’s team will face a formidable challenge from the reigning premiers, the Etobicoke Kangaroos, who have established themselves as the league’s top team for several years. In their opening game against the Hamilton Wildcats, the Kangaroos triumphed with a score of 8.7 (55) to 0.6 (6). Their strength as a side makes them a true litmus test for the Swans early in the season.


Last week’s match against the High Park Demons revealed the potential of the women’s team, but it also highlighted areas for improvement. With a lack of depth in the squad and an influx of rookie players, the team will need to devise a strategic approach that maximizes their strengths while effectively managing their weaknesses.


With anticipation building and the Ottawa Swans gearing up for their matches against the Toronto Dingos and Etobicoke Kangaroos, the stage is set for a thrilling display of Australian Football. As the Swans strive to maintain their momentum and overcome challenges, both the men’s and women’s teams will be tested to their limits. With passion and determination, the Swans are ready to leave their mark on the field and showcase their commitment to the sport they love.

– Ali Boty

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