Swans Women capture victory in debut

It was a memorable moment in Toronto when the Ottawa Swans Women’s team took to the ground for their inaugural game. The club has recruited strongly and had excellent commitment from the women over the preseason. The entire side shows incredible enthusiasm at training and has been quick to learn both the essential and finer points to Australian football. Going into round 1 against the much vaunted Central Blues, the club had high expectations; the Swans women’s were not about to disappoint.

From the opening bounce, it was evident that this would be a hotly contested match against the well-experienced Blues side. Both teams were clearly willing to exert an aggressive style, put their body on the line for ball possession and attack relentlessly. As the nerves dissipated in the first stanza, the Swans were able to connect on several occasions and move the ball effectively around the ground. The first stanza saw Kendra Heil kick truly and slot a goal for the visiting Swans, putting them in front at quarter time.

The second quarter saw much of the same. Emma Dickinson’s presence was evident early and often as she constantly applied pressure to the opposition Blues and delivered the ball efficiently, finding the goals three times. Meanwhile, Lisa Dalla Rosa patrolled the backline with several clearances and providing teammates a chance to lead into her penetrating kicks. Offensively, the Swans continued to rally with goals from Megan Griffin and Rebecca Goldman; leading the Blues at the long break.

Coaches Chris MacLean and Marc Magierowicz took the halftime break to encourage players to not allow the opposition back into the game; an experienced side like the Blues is truly capable of putting a run on. Newly acquired Swan, Brier Dodge took this heed and was ever-presence in the half-forward line. Her hustle was unmatched and repeatedly proved a factor in the contest. Supported by Sarah Ennor, the two helped push the scoreboard margin as the championship quarter came to a close.

The final term offered tremendous battles, as both sides looked to run out until the final siren. Holly Costanza battled hard, putting her head over the ball and endlessly won 50-50 contest, defying opponents any possession. As open space became a premium, the Swans wrestled their opponents to ground and prevented any comeback on the day. The Swans came across the line 49-point victors in their league debut, a true testament to the hard work and dedication. “Our women have worked tirelessly. Each and every one of our players is new to the game this year; their development has been fantastic and we’re hoping to repeat in the weeks to come,” said Head Coach Chris MacLean.

The Ottawa Swans Women return to their home ground, 12 May to take on the High Park Demons at the Rideau Carleton Raceway.


Swans 10.9 (69) defeated Blues 3.2 (20)

Goals: Kendra Heil (4), Emma Dickinson (3), Megan Griffin, Rebecca Goldman, Sarah Ennor


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