Ottawa Swans
Strategic Plan


Our Purpose

To successfully compete in the AFLO competition by providing opportunity and linking everyone associated with the Club.

Our Vision

To be a thriving and successful club making positive community impacts.

Our Values


To lead, instigate growth, change and progress in ourselves and those around us.


Everyone in the club, from player to board members, working together to achieve our club goals.


Being dedicated to our vision and staying true to our course.

Our Pillars


We are a club that wins both on and off the field.


We are a club that connects and adds value in our community.


We are a club that provides facilities that support our desired field and game day experience.


We are a club that strives to be financially secure.

Our Goals


  • Develop teams which play finals consistently
  • Design a football structure which supports our desired future state of success
  • Develop a plan to identify, engage and retain players
  • Develop a plan to develop players to reach their potential, including at other levels of competition
  • Identify and uphold playing culture and standards
  • Develop processes to ensure accountability
  • Provide the equipment necessary to achieve goals


  • Develop and implement sponsor engagement plan
  • Ensure a minimum of 70 members each season
  • Develop and implement a plan to deliver the best game day experience in the AFLO
  • Develop a plan to develop players to reach their potential, including at other levels of competition
  • Explore opportunities to engage and connect with schools, universities and other sports clubs
  • Create a collaborative and dynamic relationship with AFLQ


  • Develop a sustainable financial model
  • Increase revenue stream and sources
  • Develop and implement Club governance and accountability
  • Develop consistent metrics to track Club operations year over year


  • Consistently fill Operations position on the Executive Commission
  • Maintain a relationship with Manotick Polo Club
  • Identify alternative training options for the future
  • Build a culture of volunteering to support game operations (field maintenance, boundaries, etc.)